About Company

Our Vision

At EJET we want to unleash the beauty of sustainability, pure energy and progressive luxury for our customers and, in addition, act consistently in a sustainable way throughout all areas of the company. As the technology progresses the potential of electric propusion and innovation is limitless. Our vision is to become market leader within electric boating industry using top-notch technology, high-end design and high-quality materials.

Pure and Progressive Nautical Brand

We started the idea of a fast electric yacht tender in 2016. Our main question was; can we make and electric yacht tender which will be faster, stronger and better than things that already exist on the market today. Our answer after years of R&D was a definite YET.

We built the company and the brand on three pillars, experience (driver-centric), sustainability (using clean electric power) and innovation (using cutting-edge technology and military-grade components).

EJET is an electric performance boating brand unlike any other. We innovate to drive progress and create a better future, a future that is sustainable, hassle free and strikingly beautiful. We develop and use cutting-edge technology, engineering expertise and cooperate with best nautical partners to create unforgetable experiences for our customers. At EJET we say ”Goodbye normal” and we welcome exceptional.

Our Amazing Partners:

About Innovation, Production and Components

To make sure everything is where it needs to be and to ensure the highest safety standards while also providing exceptional and luxurious experience, EJET yacht tender was made and desgined with years of experience. Over the course of 5 years, we included mulitple and selected premium and word-reknown partners that we are proud of (Alamarin Jet, Emrax motors, …) and designed a fully customized electric jet propulsion system to fit our needs and to maximise the potential of electric power. We are the only and first ones to achieve that.

Our focus is on delivering our yacht tenders to the customers fast, efficient and environment-friendly and we take each order with extreme precaution to ensure that. The whole process is built around the customers and the tenders we produce can be fully customizable on the outside, but more importantly also the components and charging solutions can be designed specifically to fit every yacht need or limitations.

A Word from the Creators

Žiga Jarc, Founder of EJET, first came to the idea of designing 100% electric tender in 2015, spending most of his days at the sea, he translated his passion for nature and innovation into something bigger.

Today our goal is to disrupt the boating industry and EJET tender is the start of that;  innovative, robust design, nature-friendly and extremely user centric product. Progressive sportiness, authentic luxury and pure-electric energy is what we stand for and we believe that it is time to make a positive change in the boating industry.

Join us on our journey and welcome aboard.

Žiga Jarc, founder


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