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Ejet electrical yacht tender model 4x in water
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New EJET electric jet tender promises 35 knots / 40 NM range

The Slovenian-based boatyard EJET set out in 2016 to create an electric jet tender that delivered all…
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Hardware Upgrade about EJET

Slovenian electric boat specialist EJET unveils the 4X, a high-performance electric tender for superyachts. CEO…
electrical yacht ejet in water from profile
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Flipboard about EJET

EJET introduces the 4X: a compact powerhouse, the “world’s first” electric jet tender for superyachts.…
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Lajme Vip about EJET

Slovenian shipyard EJET unveils its 4X electric jet tender, a high-performance model for superyachts. With…
Ejet electrical yacht tender model 9x in ocean
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Top Car News about EJET

EJET, led by CEO Ĺ˝iga Jarc, unveils the 4X high-performance electric jet tender after seven…

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