Empowering Sustainability

Innovative and clean technology are the main drivers behind EJET philosophy. Driving EJET allows you to explore the sea, oceans and lakes without the harmful noise, fumes and a fossil-fuel engine emissions. By design, EJET is a sustainable product and a pioneer using natural components and durable materials, with little to no maintenance needed.

It all Starts with Nature

EJET was made for exploring the untouched corners, the idea was to trully offer everything traditional boating industry has, but with an emphasis on enjoying the nature and preserving these moments intact. Experience the undesrupted silence while you quietly glide through the sea.

Adriatic Heritage and Innovative Technology.

EJET was born in Slovenia, the touchpoint to adriatic marine, where people and the sea have lived in harmony for centuries. Slovenia especially, is praised for its’ intact nature and sustainable mindset. Combining our heritage, years spent on sea and innovative technology, EJET brings the best from everything to truly be one with the nature.

Built in Slovenia
5 years of testing and improving
Sustainability and green technology

Experience the Electric Power

Discover the extraordinary features and unique design of the EJET. While we can share details and showcase its impressive features, nothing compares to the thrill of experiencing the electric power yourself.