High Performance meets Sustainability: Ejet’s Revolutionary Technologies Leading the Future of Boating.

We are boat builders and technology development company on a mission to revolutionize the boating industry with cutting-edge innovations. Our team of experts is constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, developing groundbreaking technologies that will shape the future of boating for years to come.

From high-performance electric propulsion systems to advanced energy storage solutions, we’re at the forefront of the latest technological advancements in the marine industry. Our commitment to sustainability drives us to explore new ways to reduce carbon emissions and minimize the environmental impact of our products.

Pure Design and Progressive Performance

Our hull was designed to be efficient in all weather conditions. We advanced the already recognizable V shape hull design and adjusted its lines to work with our electric power train.

We achieved a hull design that is perfect for water sports activities and is comfortable to ride during turbulent sea conditions.

Military Grade Jet and Actuator Unit

For seamless steering, EJET uses a standard hydraulic mechanism, which enables all moves to be well-controlled and anticipated.

Our military-grade JET system comes equipped with an ACU (actuator control unit), that enables breathtaking stopping and reversing power, for both low and high-speed driving.

Pure Energy and

Progressive Performance

  • Instant torque
  • Impressive power
  • Best in class efficiency

An Ecosystem of Advanced Technologies

Building an ecosystem in which our tender operates, is as important as the tender itself. That’s why every tender comes with a wide variety of charging solutions for every yacht type and customer need.

The process of charging the tender on a yacht or in a marina is as easy as plugging the cable into the tender. If you charge overnight, you can wake up to a full battery every morning. The charging speed depends on the charger type and yacht’s electrical system limitations.

Cutting-Edge Technology

EJET is a design-focused electric performance tender brand, harnessing refined performance and cutting-edge technology built around the driver and compatible with yachts.

• EJET Battery Management SystemTM 

Safe and balanced battery cells at all times.

• EJET Low Power Driving ModeTM

Never run out of battery.

• EJET Plug and Play Charging 

Seamless and easy charging.

• EJET Driving DynamicsTM

Different driving and power modes.

• EJET Zero° Mode

Zero movement in neutral armed position.

Premium Digital Experience

In terms of technology and digital experience, EJET touchscreen display enables its’ user to control all aspects a tender

  • Different driving modes and dynamics.
  • Smart Audio Bluetooth system.
  • GPS real-time navigation.
  • Real-time system data (Speed, State-of-Charge, and Battery status).
  • Over-the-air software updates, maintenance, and emergency functionalities.

Experience the Electric Power

Discover the extraordinary features and unique design of the EJET. While we can share details and showcase its impressive features, nothing compares to the thrill of experiencing the electric power yourself.

About Innovation, Components, and Cutting-Edge Technology

To make sure everything is where it needs to be and to ensure the highest safety standards while also providing an exceptional and luxurious experience, the EJET yacht tender was made and designed with years of experience. Over the course of 5 years, we included multiple and selected premium and word-renown partners that we are proud of (Alamarin Jet, Emrax motors, …) and designed a fully customized electric jet propulsion system to fit our needs and to maximize the potential of electric power. We are the only and first ones to achieve that.

About our User-Centric Approach and Production

Our focus is on delivering our yacht tenders to the customers fast, efficient,ly and environment-friendly and we take each order with extreme precaution to ensure that. The whole process is built around the customers and the tenders we produce can be fully customizable on the outside, but more importantly, also the components and charging solutions can be designed specifically to fit every yacht’s needs or limitations.

EJET Low Power Driving ModeTM

Never run out of battery.

EJET Plug and Play Charging

Seamless and easy charging.

EJET Zero° Mode

Zero movement in neutral armed position.

EJET Driving DynamicsTM

Different driving and power modes.

EJET Battery Management SystemTM

Safe and balanced battery cells at all times.